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GCL Book Club: Carrie Sun, Private Equity

Author Carrie Sun
Beowulf Sheehan
Author Carrie Sun

Carrie Sun took a job as an executive assistant in a hedge fund in Manhattan, where she would work for the head of the fund, who was known as a “once-in-a-generation” investor. The fund was known to get spectacular returns. Sun, who had completed dual degrees in math and finance at MIT in three years, had been an analyst herself when she decided to change her trajectory and accept this position. She has written a gripping memoir called Private Equity about her years at the fund. 

If you have ever been curious about what goes on in the world of high finance, you will want to read this memoir and listen to our conversation with the very insightful Carrie Sun.

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Sun refers to this essay, "Toward a New Gospel of Wealth."

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