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“Political Polarization: Our National Divide”

Myiah Hutchens, Ph.D. - Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Public Relations, Graduate Coordinator for Public Relations

We are living in an increasingly polarized world — particularly when it comes to political views. And while this might be something we all believe we feel, there is data that backs up what we’re feeling, and our guest today has spent the last 15 years collecting and studying that kind of information.

We explore just how polarized we are in the United States, what might be causing it, and possible ways to address it and become less polarized with Dr. Myiah Hutchens, Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Public Relations at University of Florida. She recently gave a presentation for the Naples Discussion Group called “Political Polarization: Our National Divide.”


Dr. Myiah Hutchens is a political communication scholar whose research generally centers on how communication functions in democratic processes – that is, to help or hinder political processes. Her research generally focuses on what leads people to seek out diverse perspectives - particularly views they disagree with - and how individuals then process that disagreement.

Hutchens' work can be found in several high-impact journals, and has been cited over 1500 times. She currently serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Communication, Communication Research, and Communication Methods and Measures.

Prior to joining the University of Florida, she was a faculty member at Washington State University, University of Arizona, and Texas Tech University.