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Song of the Day year-end tribute to some of the musicians who passed away during 2022

We're using our Song of the Day platform to honor some of the musical artists who passed away during 2022. Join us as we provide a little trivia, a little history, and a musical tribute of sorts to just some of the hundreds of musicians who left us last year. There are too many to celebrate in one hour, so the singers, songwriters, and musicians we chose all led interesting lives, created amazing music, or made an unusual impact in their field. These 16 people may have left us in body, but in spirit, they each left their mark on us, and on music, forever.

Featured Artists:

  • Marilyn Bergman
  • Betty Davis
  • Taylor Hawkins
  • CW McCall
  • Mickey Gilley
  • Vangelis
  • Alan White
  • Jim Seals
  • Judith Durham
  • Lamont Dozier
  • Mable John
  • Coolio
  • Lenny Lipton
  • Angela Lansbury
  • Patrick Haggerty
  • Irene Cara