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Lee County to Unveil Phase 3 of its post-Hurricane Irma Flood-Mitigation Efforts

Initial Flooding Assessments Map
This map depicts the study areas for the initial flood evaluation. Specifically, the outlined areas are the watersheds that caused or contributed to neighborhood flooding during the rainfall events of August 25-27 and Hurricane Irma. The different colors indicate the consultant chosen to conduct the work. Individual neighborhoods that experienced flooding are not shown.

Back in 2017 a major rain event was followed just two weeks later by Hurricane Irma, dumping up to 30 inches of rain on some areas of Lee County. The subsequent flooding destroyed homes and put lives at risk, which prompted county commissioners to approve a three phase plan to mitigate flooding in the future.

As the county prepares to share the third phase of that plan with the public on Tuesday, October 13 WGCU’s Andrea Perdomo spoke with the Director of Lee County Natural Resources, Roland Ottolini, to discuss their ongoing efforts being made to protect against storm water flooding in the county.