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New Series Explores Molecular Connections in the World Around Us

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Did you know that scientists are working on ways to CO2 into solid rock in order to sequester it? Or that the same things that make water so critical to our world is also what makes it so potentially dangerous to us? Those are just two of the interesting concepts revealed in the new NOVA and PBS series Out of Our Elements that explores the magic of molecules and how much of the modern world is built on the interesting ways they interact.

The nine-part online series features a diverse set of chemistry experts to explore the sometimes surprising molecular connections in the everyday world we experience, and the ways basic chemistry shapes the society we live in. We’re joined by the two people who make it.

Caitlin Saks is a Producer at NOVA and WGBH, and co-host & producer of Out of Our Elements.
And Arlo Perez is a Digital Video Producer at NOVA and WGBH, and also co-host and producer of Out of Our Elements.