013 - Stephanie Davis

Jun 8, 2018

To call my guest today a woman about town would be an understatement. She is probably the very definition of that phrase in Fort Myers. Stephanie Davis - better known as the Downtown Diva - has been a fixture on the southwest Florida social scene since the 90s. 

Her Diva Diaries is featured weekly in Florida Weekly, but it dates back further than that. She’s written for many other publications over the years, including the News Press and Gulfshore Life. If you’ve ever picked up a Florida Weekly you’ve seen countless photographs she’s taken with her iPhone. She’s also been a radio personality dating all the way back to the early 90s.

Let’s just say the Diva gets around, and I’m proud to say she’s been one of my friends since we first crossed path at a 99X remote in downtown Fort Myers sometime around 1996.