Business Coalition, SWFL Reps Back Bill on LGBT Workplace Protections

Mar 6, 2017

A bill to protect Floridians from discrimination based on their sexual preference or gender identity is making its way through the state legislature.  

It’s not the first time the Competitive Workforce Act has been proposed, but it is the first time the issue has seen bi-partisan support: a coalition of more than 450 businesses support the measure, alongside 36 lawmakers have signed on as co-sponsors, including Fort Myers’ Republican Rep. Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen and Sarasota Republican Reps. Alex Miller and Joe Gruters.

Monday at 1:30 p.m., former Florida House Rep. Joe Saunders, now a field director with the Human Rights Campaign, explains the bill's long history from its first proposal in 2013 through today.

Also on the program is Arlene Goldberg, an LGBT rights advocate with Visuality Florida, working on workplace equality in Southwest Florida.