Dara Carter Performs Live in Studio! ENCORE

Nov 5, 2018

As today, Nov. 6, marks midterm election day, we’re taking a break from political coverage on “Gulf Coast Live!” in an effort not to influence voter decisions in the final hours before polls close at 7:00 p.m.  Instead, we’ll be listening back to our show from earlier this year with Atlanta-based musician, philanthropist and model Dara Carter!  Carter is a life-long musician whose musical training is rooted in the classical and jazz styles.  However, her solo work has evolved and developed into a form all her own that defies convention and compartmentalization into a particular genre.

Carter first appeared on “Gulf Coast Live!” this past spring along with fellow members of the all black women rock band, The Txlips, and today we hear an encore of Carter’s live in-studio performance.  Carter has played shows at venues all over the country including two performances at the historic Apollo Theatre in New York when she was 15 years old.  Other notable performance venues include Harvard University and a performance for former President Barak Obama at the White House.  She was accompanied during this live on-air performance at WGCU by percussionist Pete Flower from the Southwest Florida-based punk band The Young Dead