Encore: Exploring the World of Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Dec 19, 2018

While the military has used drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, for quite some time, the world of drones has really opened up to normal people in recent years. For videographers, what used to take a helicopter rental can now be accomplished with a less-than-thousand dollar, camera equipped drone. And for enthusiasts, drones have advanced from flimsy toys to highly engineered tools to be used for fun and even competition. But, as the world of drones has advanced, so has the need to regulate their use, both for safety and privacy reasons.


Our guests are Michael Corso, he’s a Board Certified Business Litigation & Civil Trial Lawyer with, Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A. in Fort Myers, who also has a background in aerospace engineering; Robert Martinez, he’s a founding member of the Southwest Florida Multirotor Club, that’s a local club dedicated to drone enthusiasts, providing tech help, camaraderie and local competitive events thru an international drone racing league known as MultiGP; and Tom James, owner of Pelican Media. To see footage Tom shot of Estero Bay as part of WGCU's Preserving Our Waters documentary click HERE.