Fort Myers Police Look For Information Following ZombiCon Shooting

Oct 19, 2015

The Fort Myers Police Department is looking for tips, pictures or videos following the deadly shooting at this year’s ZombiCon.

The shooting killed 20-year-old Tyrell Taylor of Okeechobee. Four other victims sustained gunshot wounds. A fifth was injured, but refused medical attention.

The downtown festival drew thousands; many dressed in costumes with fake knives or guns.

Fort Myers Police Chief Dennis Eads said the situation is a “nightmare” for police officers at the very least.

“Especially after the shots were fired and things happened. At that point then you had 15 or 20 thousand suspects because no one knew much of anything until things were calmed down and it was clear,” he said.

The department continues to piece together what happened. It released a suspect description Monday morning. He is described as a white or possibly Hispanic male in his late teens or early twenties.

Eads said they have not determined if Taylor was a target or the shooting was random. He does not believe the victims knew each other.