Gov Scott Announces Proposed FL Tax Cuts, Talks Sexual Assault In Capitol

Nov 8, 2017

Governor Rick Scott announced a new tax cut proposal in Fort Myers on Monday.

Speaking at Alufab, a local window installation company, Scott said he’s proposing $180 million dollars in tax cuts for Floridians.  

Part of the cuts would come from sales tax holidays for back to school shopping and preparing for hurricanes. He also wants to reduce the fee to get a driver’s license.

He said cutting taxes generates more money.

“We have cut taxes 75 times and our general revenues are up 36 percent. We’re paying down debt, we’re reducing taxes, we’re growing jobs," Scott said. "Our unemployment rate is down to 3.8 percent. What we’ve been doing has been working really well.”

Scott said he wants to have a ballot initiative that would make it more difficult for Florida legislators to raise taxes and fees.

Last month the governor proposed more funding for the environment.

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Despite Scott’s calls for tax cuts and increased spending, experts with Florida’s office of Economic and Demographic Research project lawmakers will be facing a budget shortfall when they convene the 2018 legislative session in January.

Scott also took time to condemn sexual assault amid allegations of harassment by Florida legislators. 

Scott said as a family man, he wouldn’t want anyone violating his loved ones. And he said politicians should be held to the highest standards of society.

“If anybody has done anything wrong, they need to be out of office,” Scott said. 

The governor says the idea of elected officials being sexual harassers is “disgusting”.