Guerilla Girls Exhibition at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery

Jan 24, 2019

The Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Florida Southwestern State College in Fort Myers is currently presenting an exhibition and newly commissioned interactive installation titled, “GUERRILLA GIRLS:  Rattling Cages Since 1985.”  The exhibition, which runs through March 23, highlights the mission and history of the renowned feminist advocacy and art collective, the Guerilla Girls, who have been working anonymously to address systemic problems of gender and racial discrimination in the art world.  We’ll learn more about the exhibit from a Guerilla Girl member who goes by the name of Frida Kahlo and the Rauschenberg Gallery Director Jade Dellinger.

And a founding member of the audio-visual collage group “Negativland,” Mark Hosler, comes to Southwest Florida to perform an experimental sound concert at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Florida Southwestern State College on Jan 26.  The event is part of Hosler’s currently running “Slow Motion Solo Tour of the USA.”  We’ll learn more about the upcoming performance and the fascinating history of “Negativland” with Hosler himself, as well as Rauschenberg Gallery Director Jade Dellinger.