Guitarist John Housley Releases Flamenco Album “The Heart’s Furnace”

May 3, 2018

Award-winning and multi-faceted guitarist John Housley joins us in studio upon the release of his new album of Nuevo Flamenco music “The Heart’s Furnace.”  Housley has been playing and teaching guitar since his early teen years.  He also founded the Ann Arbor Academy of Music, which averaged some 400 students per week under his leadership. 

In 1995, he joined the multi-platinum winning southern rock band “Blackfoot” before eventually making his way back to Southwest Florida where he teaches and plays with the highly popular modern rock band “A200.” However, this represents just one aspect of Housley’s musical talents and interests.  In addition to writing and producing music, he’s repertoire spans the history of the guitar with an emphasis on the Spanish guitar style exemplified by  composers such as Tarrega, Villa Lobos, Sor, and Carcassi along with classical composers such as Bach, and Debussy.  We’ll explore Housley’s life in music and hear selections from his new album of classic guitar songs in the Nuevo Flamenco style.