Gulf Coast Live On Location: Behind the Scenes at Mote Marine Lab & Aquarium

Apr 18, 2017

Gulf Coast Live is going on location behind the scenes at the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota.

We’ll talk about the exhibits the lab offers, and the research they do into the animals and marine environment along Florida’s Gulf Coast and beyond. Evan Barniskis, Assistant Vice President of Mote Aquarium, talks us through the exhibits alongside Amanda Foltz, an aquarium biologist who helps to care for the otters in Mote's otter exhibit.

We'll explore Mote's research into sea turtle nesting with Kristen Mazzarella, a staff scientist and program manager of Mote's sea turtle nesting and research program. 

We'll also talk about red tides in our waters with Dr. Vince Lovko and Dr. Tracy Fanara

And we’ll talk about ocean acidification with Dr. Emily Hall, staff scientists and Ocean Acidification Program Manager at Mote, and its impact on corals across the Gulf with Dr. Erinn Muller, Mote's Coral Health and Disease Program Manager.