Hurricane Irma One Year Later

31 minutes ago

One year ago today the WGCU News team was hunkered down at the station, broadcasting for eight straight hours, with the help of the Florida Public Emergency Network, as the eye of Hurricane Irma whipped her way over Southwest Florida. Since then, communities have rallied and rebuilt -- and while it’s not complete, we’ve come a long way. Today on the show we’re visiting Everglades City, which took the direct hit and the storm surge, we’re going to Immokalee, where a sense of community drove rebuilding efforts, and we check in with the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary to get a sense of how Hurricane Irma impacted this region’s flora and fauna.

We'll also get the latest on the current storm churning in the Atlantic, and we’ll sit down with a homewatch professional to find out how Irma has revamped that industry.