'I Quit': Fox News Regular From Miami Dumps Network Over Immigration Coverage

Jun 28, 2018
Originally published on June 27, 2018 6:31 pm

Miami author Bruce Turkel gained national exposure from regular appearances on Fox as a marketing expert. Now the advertising executive is publicly breaking up with the network, saying he couldn't stomach the way Fox has covered the Trump administration's separation of children from parents accused of immigration offenses.

"Your network has been very very good to me. The 400 plus appearances I've made on Fox News and Fox Business have helped me generate lots of keynote speaking appearances and helped me sell a bunch of books," Turkel wrote in an "Open Letter to Fox News" posted online Wednesday. "All of that being said, I also have to say I can no longer appear on the Fox network. I quit." 

He cited what he called Fox's "heinous" coverage of the Trump policy to separate children from parents who enter the country illegally. Dozens of the children have been sent to facilities in the Miami area.

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