Long Lines on Election Day Nationwide, But Florida Singled Out

Feb 5, 2013

Lawmakers are examining long voting lines in Florida and what to do about them – but apparently it was a broader problem. The New York Times reports on Tuesday studies suggest long lines were widespread, and Democrats say that may have cost them hundreds of thousands of votes nationwide.

That begs the question of why Florida was singled out in media reports for turning in its totals two days late.

Pasco Elections Supervisor Brian Corley on Tuesday told a Senate panel Florida had a good election.

"Why is Florida always in the spotlight? We're the fourth largest, but more importantly, the first true swing state, and I think that holds credence why we're always under the scrutiny. There were states that were counting votes a month after Florida had certified their election – but we didn't read about that in the newspaper."

The Times reports Democratic Party leaders are starting a national push to make voting and voter registration easier, and President Obama will highlight the issue in his State of the Union address next week.