NAACP, ACLU Bring Forum on Florida Criminal Justice Reform to Fort Myers

May 18, 2017

Calling Florida's criminal justice system "broken," and pointing to high rates of re-incarceration and growing costs to keep inmates in prison, the Florida ACLU and Lee County NAACP  are sponsoring a public forum Thursday night in Fort Myers to discuss reform.

A panel of experts, from constitutional advocates to attorneys to criminal justice scholars, will also discuss current proposals by lawmakers to address sentencing reform and efforts to divert arrest of first-time offenders

Raymer Maguire, the director of Criminal Justice Reform for Florida ACLU, and Naples/Fort Myers criminal defense attorney Donald Day, are two panelists who join the show to discuss priorities when it comes to reforming Florida's criminal justice system, the struggle to make voters and lawmakers aware of the challenges of reform, and what residents of Southwest Florida can expect from Thursday night's forum.