'Old Vero' Dig Unearths Answers to Centuries-old Questions

Jan 27, 2017

The oldest human remains in North America were found  in South Florida at the Old Vero dig site near modern-day Vero Beach. This winter, researchers are undertaking their fourth excavation to answer a century-old mystery: just how old are the site's earliest finds?

Those items are a treasure trove of Ice Age animals, human remains, and artifacts. The latest findings include 13,000-year-old prehistoric bison bones and a portion of a giant Ice Age armadillo whose closest genetic relative is the pink fairy armadillo

Friday at 1 p.m. on Gulf Coast Live, OVIASC archeologist Andy Hemmings joins the show to discuss the site's history, ice-age animals and new discoveries as they researchers dig into some of the most promising land at the site. 

Also joining the program is Sara Ayers-Rigsby, the Southwest Regional Director of the Florida Public Archeology Network, to explain the Old Vero site's connections to Clovis points and other ancient history in Southwest Florida.