Rick Scott's Camp Prepares for Election Night

Nov 4, 2014

Credit Ashley Lopez

Polls are now closed statewide, except in the Panhandle, and results will begin pouring in.

Governor Rick Scott will be finding out whether he will keep his post as the state’s chief executive.

Ashley Lopez is with the Scott campaign in Bonita Springs and has this report.

Governor Rick Scott will be celebrating a victory or announcing a loss here at the Hyatt Coconut Pointe in Bonita Springs.

The venue has been packed with members of the media since this afternoon. So far, early election returns from Early Voting and absentee ballots show an edge for Scott—the Republican incumbent candidate.

Just a couple of miles south of the Hyatt in Collier County, turnout has already surpassed 2010 numbers. Collier, as well as Lee County, is a GOP stronghold, which could be a good sign for the governor’s campaign.

However, polling in the past few weeks has shown a slight edge for Democratic Candidate Charlie Crist. The race is largely considered a tossup, though.