Sara Comito – Listing

Apr 28, 2015

This month’s Versed in Florida is with Sara Comito. She graduated with an English degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and has been living in Fort Myers for the past 13 years. Comito works as communications editor for a local PR and Marketing agency. Her poetry has appeared in dozens of print and electronic journals and anthologies. Undeterred by the small size of their square city lot, she and her stonemason husband are urban farmers and beekeepers which, she tells WGCU’s Amy Tardif, is a muse for her poetry.




Goals for tonight:            

fly from rocky cliffs            

swim with otters            

simplify the tax code            

engage in a trite oneuppance            

with a drunk cummings


sleep it off            

and dream


To do:            

plumb the more modern lines            

do something Zen            

use Zen as an adverb            

catch my neighbor's eye            

as he does laundry            

hang mine in surrender           


hear it flap in the breeze. It's so nice

to be under something else's power

and let it be like sailing,

which I've never done            

and dream

does it rock so —            

or so?


Sew a blanket with sleeves

make a million bucks

shear a sheep — shear anything!

And sell the wool for a trout.

Make breakfast.