SWFL Citizens Care About Climate Change, Survey Says

Feb 20, 2019

A recent survey reveals that some Southwest Floridians feel impacted by extreme weather more than Americans elsewhere in the country. The comprehensive survey was commissioned by the Conservance of Southwest Florida, the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Collier County, and was conducted by ecoAmerica. It found that Southwest Florida residents heightened their awareness about climate change after Hurricane Irma and the recent harmful algal blooms.

Director Jennifer Watson Roberts of ecoAmerica’s Path to Positive Communities joins us in the studio today. As director, she leads a group of community leaders and organizations to advance local climate solutions. We're also joined by Yoca Arditi-Rocha, executive director of The CLEO Institute, to discuss her work to educate and promote the public about climate from local to national levels. She'll be conducting a "Climate Change 101" workshop on Monday, February 25th at the Southwest Florida Community Foundation's Collaboratory in downtown Fort Myers.