Three Song Stories with Karen Feldman

WGCU has launched two new podcasts this year: Julie Glenn’s Grape Minds, which explores the world of wine with her co-host Gina Birch -- and Mike Kiniry and Richard Chin Quee’s Three Song Stories, which challenges guests to pick three songs that are deeply connected to their lives, and their memories, in order to generate biography and get them to open up about their life’s story. You can find both of them on the WGCU website, or on iTunes, NPR One, or anywhere you get your podcasts these days.

This partial episode of Three Song Stories released on Friday, November 30, and new episodes come out every Friday morning. This episode features Karen Feldman, who spent 28 years working at the News Press, and was one of the voices behind the paper’s mystery food writer, Jean Le Bouf, and who now works at Florida Gulf Coast University editing the university’s magazine. During the show, they listen to the three songs the guests’ have picked, and hear the stories they are connected to. This segment starts about halfway between Karen’s 2nd and 3rd songs.