We Meet the Author of The Playmaker's Advantage

1 minute ago

You’ve probably heard of the concept of flow -- it’s basically a state of mind  achieved when athletes become completely engaged and immersed in their performance, completely losing conventional perception of time, and finding themselves able to entirely focus on the moment they are in and therefore able to perform at extraordinarily high levels. Think Michael Jordan in his prime -- able to pull off seemingly magical performances under extremely high levels of pressure. Well, cognitive science research is catching up to what some athletes and coaches have known about anecdotally for generations. Our next guest is a retired professor and researcher who spent four decades at Boston University, where he pioneered sports psychology by bringing together cognitive neuroscience and sports performance as an interdisciplinary science. Dr. Leonard Zaichkowsky is also  author of the new book about this world, called The Playmaker’s Advantage: How to Raise Your Mental Game to the Next Level.