We Meet the Creators of Family Photos USA

Jun 27, 2018

Breaking out old photo albums is almost guaranteed to take you on a journey, and now a new show is promising to do that in places across the country. We’re taking with the host and the executive producer of a new public television miniseries called Family Pictures USA. They are in town meeting people from all walks of life across southwest Florida on a search for places to hold photo-sharing events, which will be filmed, and used as the basis for a Family Pictures television program, as well as radio specials. Their show is like a cross between Antiques Roadshow and Storycorps. It uses family photo albums to reveal roots and connections, and to share with viewers a more nuanced and diverse story of our common history, shared present, and evolving future. If you would like to submit photos or stories to the show email them to info@familypicturesusa.com.


Thomas Allen Harris is the Series Creator and Host. He’s also a critically acclaimed artist who uses film, video, photography, and performance to explore family and identity. He’s an accomplished filmmaker and public television producer who’s acclaimed documentary Through a Lens Darkly premiered on Independent Lens on PBS in 2015, and was nominated for a National Emmy.

And Don Perry is the Family Pictures USA Executive Producer, and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Diaspora Family Reunion LLC.