We Meet with Fire Specialists to Learn About Sarasota County's Fire Fest

Jan 29, 2019

Toward the end of last year, the Camp Fire ravaged Paradise, California. The wildfire took dozens of lives and some people are still missing. A few months prior to that fire, Montana’s Glacier National Park was also ablaze. The specialists tasked to extinguish these fires, as well as inform local communities about how to prevent them, work hard to do so. But what happens when those very people ignite fires purposefully?

This Saturday, Sarasota County Parks will host Fire Fest, it's an event where residents can learn about prescribed burning from park and fire officials. Jeff Weber, environmental specialist with Sarasota County Parks, Recreation & Natural Resources joins us in the studio to discuss details of Fire Fest. And Jay Bailey, wildfire mitigation officer from the Sarasota County Fire Department, also joins us to help us understand why these purposefully started fires are necessary.