WGCU Reporter Travels with SWFL Group Providing Sex Education to Rural Guatemala

Dec 21, 2017

A handful of Southwest Florida women recently traveled through rural Guatemala, distributing much-needed re-usable menstrual kits they spent months creating. They include hand-sewn cotton bases that clip onto underwear, and tucked into them are flannel pads, which can be changed out and washed for reuse.

Medical experts in the Central American country say some women in rural areas there are isolated during their periods, sitting on rags at home, which can lead to health issues.


The Fort Myers women also assisted with sex education workshops, in places where that kind of conversation is taboo. WGCU’s Jessica Meszaros journeyed with the women from the Guatemalan Rural Adult and Children's Education, or GRACE, Project and will be sharing the women's story on Gulf Coast Live.