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Thursday: We're going to play an episode of the WGCU podcast Three Song Stories. This week's guest is Robert Green, he is the FGCU Campus Greeter who enthusiastically greets everyone who enters campus from the information booth.


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As the rapidly evolving situation concerning the COVID-19 outbreak dominates news headlines, the Florida Legislature’s recently closed annual session isn’t getting as much attention as it has in past years. On March 19, state lawmakers passed a $93.2 billion budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1. 

People are being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible as the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread, and restaurants have been ordered to close their doors and only offer delivery or pickup, so many people are finding themselves in the kitchen more than usual.

As the new coronavirus continues to spread we're doing our best to keep you well informed with accurate and up to date information. On today's show we're focusing in on Lee County with Dr. Douglas Brust, he is an infectious diseases specialist with Lee Health; and Lisa Sgarlata, Chief Patient Care Officer for Lee Health, and who is running the Incident Command Center for the COVID-19 situation.

Tuesday’s elections in the city of Naples were an upset for incumbents.  Voters in Naples chose a new mayor and three new city councilors. Former Naples Councilwoman and former account executive in the private sector Teresa Heitmann defeated incumbent Mayor Bill Barnett. 

Nenad Maric from Pixabay

In Southwest Florida, more than 63,000 people are employed in the service industry – that means hotels and restaurants, and another 73,000 work in retail.