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Organ Donation In Florida Goes Viral

On any typical day, an average of 100 Floridians register as organ donors. But last Tuesday eight times that number registered. It was the same day Facebook announced users could now declare they're an organ donor on their profile.

More than 1,800 Floridians last week signed up as potential organ and tissue donors. "Social media has such an impact on individuals day-to-day choices", said Jennifer Krouse with LifeLink Foundation of Florida.

"I believe that people heard that announcement, they went on Facebook, and put that they wanted to be an organ donor on their timeline. They made sure that they were registered on their state registry and their friends and family saw that and may have done the same."

Krouse says the need for organ donors is huge.

"Every single day eight people die without the lifesaving transplant that they need and thousands and thousands of more could benefit from tissue transplantation", said Krouse.

About 4,000 Floridians remain on the waiting list for a lifesaving organ or tissue transplant. More than 114,000 people are on the waiting list nationwide.

People can register to become an organ and tissue donor by going to DonateLifeFlorida.org.