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Saint Leo University Forms a Unique Polling Institute

Bart Everson via Flickr


Saint Leo University has formed a polling institute, the first of its kind for the state of Florida. The institute will address both state and national issues.

The Executive Director of the institute, Drew Gold says polls will include topics such as Hillary Clinton's approval rating among Democrats, as well as other seasonal topics.“We wanted to have an impact on public policy, we thought that it was a good opportunity being in a swing state of Florida to actually provide an insiders perspective, there is not a whole lot of polling done by Florida institutions in the state of Florida,” Gold said.

“We are not just looking at politics, we are looking at the impact on technology on life, we are looking at seasonal topics, for example our existing poll that we just did, this morning we are releasing a favorability rating of Pope Francis, we ended up timing it kind of, very fortuitously because he was just named man of the year.”

The results of these polls can be found at Polls.SaintLeo.edu.