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Ringo may not be the best Beatle, but -- take a Photograph -- he's still putting out the albums

Ringo Starr, in London.
©1963 - 1964 Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr, in London.


Maybe Ringo Starr didn’t get the credit he deserved.

He was the oldest Beatle.

He was the final piece of the puzzle that would become the most influential band of all time.

He was not the best-looking Beatle or the best songwriter or singer. He often came off as the jokester, the least serious of the four.

But he is getting the last laugh. He is still putting out albums and touring at age 83. He was born July 7, 1940.

Ringo replaced Pete Best as the group’s drummer in August 1962. He ended up only singing 10 songs with the Beatles, the best known “With A Little Help From My Friends,” “Act Naturally” and "Yellow Submarine." “Yellow Submarine” was his only Beatle song that reached number one.

He is credited with writing two Beatles’ songs, “Octupus’ Garden” and “Don’t Pass Me By.” The Beatles recorded “Don’t Pass Me By” for the 1968 White Album, five years after he wrote it while sitting home alone.

Starr wasn’t a slouch after the Beatles broke up. He tried his hand at acting but had more success with music. He had two number one hits in the U.S., “You’re Sixteen,” which he didn’t write, and our Song of the Day, “Photograph,” which he wrote with George Harrison.

They wrote the song while staying on a yacht off the south of France after Mick Jagger’s wedding and before the Cannes Film Festival. The song reached number one for two weeks in November 1973.

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