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Collier County Mosquito Control to offer free mosquitofish June 1

Gambusia holbrooki, conocida en ingles como "Mosquitofish," se comen los huevos de mosquitos. El departamento de Salud del condado de Collier esta repartiendo envases de estos peces de forma gratuita para controlar la población de mosquitos en Collier.
Collier County Mosquito Control District
Gambusia holbrooki, known as "Mosquitofish," eat mosquito larvae. The Collier County Health Department is handing out free containers of these fish to control the mosquito population in Collier.
Collier County residents can receive free "mosquitofish" this week
Collier Mosquito Control District
Collier County residents can receive free "mosquitofish" Saturday.

Collier County Mosquito Control will be distributing free mosquitofish and traps Saturday at North Collier Regional Park.

The fish, Gambusia mosquitofish, are small but can eat up to 100 mosquito larvae a day. Since the program started in 2019, the District has given out more than 23,000 fish.

Typically, the fish are available by appointment only on weekdays, but the District recently outfitted a van with tanks to bring the fish directly to the public. This distribution event marks the first community fish distribution using the mosquitofish van.

The District will also be providing free mosquito traps, and staff will be on hand to answer questions about mosquitoes and mosquito control.

The distribution will be made from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, June at North Collier Regional Park, 1500 Livingston Road, Naples.

About Collier Mosquito Control District

The Collier Mosquito Control District (the District), created in 1950, is an Independent Special District of the State of Florida contributing to the health, welfare, and comfort of District residents through integrated pest management programs that suppress mosquito populations.

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