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Survivors of abuse in NY may sue

A new law in New York allows people who were sexually abused as adults to file civil lawsuits against their abuser, no matter when the abuse occurred and regardless of any statute of limitations.

Jennfer Freeman is Senior Counsel at theMarsh Law Firm.

“TheAdult Survivors Actis a window which revives the statute of limitations for survivors who were adults when they were sexually abused, in New York State,” said Freeman.

Florida residents who may have lived in New York State and been abused as adults there should know that the window is open to file a civil lawsuit against a person or an institution.

The law covers abuse that happened when the person was 18 or older, though it may have started when the person was a child and continued into adulthood.

If you’re considering filing a suit, Freeman says, speak to a lawyer who knows something about sexual abuse legislation. The deadline to file a lawsuit is Nov. 23, 2023.

Along those lines, attorney Jennifer Freeman has another piece of advice:

“Get going right away,” she said. “Don’t wait.”

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