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“The Peter Max Experience” Exhibition comes to the Mercato in Naples

An installation of works by iconic German-American Pop artist Peter Max titled “The Peter Max Experience,” is now on exhibition at the Mercato in Naples.

Max is perhaps best known for the use of bright colors in his work, often in the psychedelic and pop art genres.

For decades Max was a prolific artist. His work has graced the covers of thousands of magazines and his paintings can be seen on the walls of hundreds of galleries throughout the globe. He’s painted for seven U.S. Presidents, served as the official artist for five NFL Super Bowls, the 2006 Olympics, the 2000 World Series, the 1994 World Cup, the Grammy Awards, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the U.S. Open, and the Indy 500 to name a few.

Ahead of a series of limited engagement gallery receptions this weekend, we explore Peter Max’s work and its lasting impact with Road Show Company North America Director of Traveling Exhibitions Lesley Smith, who is also a noted Peter Max historian and curator.

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