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Solar Power in the Developing World, the U.S. and in Florida


Earth Day is celebrated this week which many consider the beginning of the modern environmental movement. The development of clean and renewable energy development like solar power is a central component to that effort. Earlier this month protestors held a demonstration in the Florida capital calling on lawmakers to invest more in developing solar energy.

We’ll talk with solar energy pioneer, author and Naples resident Neville Williams. His new book, “Solar Power” is out this week. It provides insight into the $100 billion solar industry, his efforts to provide solar energy infrastructures in the developing world and barriers that are keeping the solar industry from growing in the U.S. even as technology has made it more efficient and affordable in recent years.


Neville Williams, Founder, Solar Electric Light Fund & Solar Electric Light Company/ Author of Sun Power: How Energy from the Sun Is Changing Live Around the World, Empowering America, and Saving the Planet”