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South Florida Musicians Bring Unique Sounds to 'Twisted Strings' Event

Photos via WGCU Public Media

Violins, banjos, and washtubs are rarely the go-to instruments of pop music, but at WGCU's Twisted Strings event Saturday, groups from South Florida and beyond are using combinations of classic sounds and unusual instruments and stylings to create new and genre-bending music.

Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. on Gulf Coast Live, the Fort Lauderdale duo of Kevin Sylvester and Wilner Baptiste, known as Kev Marcus and Wil B. of Black Violin, talk about applying their classical violin and viola training (respectively) to reinterpreting classical music and adding elements of other genres like hip-hop.

Also joining the program are Doug and Ruby Everton of the Fort Myers-based Hot Buttered Nuggets, sharing their unique approach to music that mixes the sounds of the banjo and a washtub with unique vocals that do everything from imitate a brass band to mimicking musicians from Tom Waits to Johnny Cash to Elvis.

Matthew Smith is a reporter and producer of WGCU’s Gulf Coast Live.
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