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Lee Health Joins Global “Big Latch On” Breastfeeding Event

Photo: NIKOLAY OSMACHKO via Pexels.com

Since the advent of infant formula, the number of women breastfeeding their children has declined sharply, but in recent years, educational campaigns from the medical community and pushback from parents has seen more and more mothers switching away from powdered formulations. Lee Health is joining other organizations to promote breastfeeding through a Global “Big Latch On” campaign.

Even with breastfeeding on the rise, societal pressures and lack of support are often cited as reasons why moms choose not to breastfeed. The Big Latch On campaign is focused on encouraging support and education for breastfeeding in communities around the world.

Lee Health's own series of events in Lee County are being organized by nursing director Nancy Travis at their Women’s Care Center at Cape Coral Hospital. She'll join the show along with lactation consultant and maternal educator Rhonda Harper to discuss the many reasons women are encouraged to breastfeed when they are able. 

We’ll also learn more about Lee Health’s breastfeeding education efforts and the local breast milk bank and how even dads and the community at large can be more supportive.

Matthew Smith is a reporter and producer of WGCU’s Gulf Coast Live.