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FGCU Counselor Went to Aid Parkland Hours After Shooting

FGCU Department of Health Sciences
Dr. Abbe Finn outlines clinical mental health counseling opportunities to FGCU students.

TheLee County Sheriff’s Officeand the Lee County School Districtheld a joint news conference Wednesday morning to announce measures they’ll begin taking immediately to begin hardening local schools. WGCU's Quincy Walters joins Gulf Coast Live to report back the district's plans, including one to put a school resource officer at every school.

The funds for the new measures are coming from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Actthat Gov. Rick Scott signed earlier this month. What prompted Florida’s political leaders to take up gun control and school safety measures this legislative session was the Feb. 14 attack on the Parkland high school of the same name and the avalanche of activism that has followed.

But, in the hours and days right after that attack, Dr. Abbe Finn, an FGCU counselor and director of the clinical mental health program, went to the school to offer what she could — the ability to counsel people after tragic and chaotic events. Dr. Finn joins Gulf Coast Live to talk about the experience in Parkland just after the school massacre.