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Helping Kids After the Loss of a Parent or Sibling to Opioids

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Grieving the loss of a loved one is difficult for anyone, but when children lose a parent or sibling, the loss can be particularly profound. We’re joined today by the Founder and CEO of a local non-profit called Valerie’s House that works to help families and children struggling with loss. She says they’ve seen a spike in the number of kids who need help following the overdose death of a parent or sibling, and that right now about a quarter of children who need grief support is struggling with this situation. We’re also joined today by a father of two young children whose wife overdosed a few years ago. And, a 15 year old who recently lost her sister to an opioid overdose. We’ll hear their stories and explore how Valerie’s House has helped them cope and possibly begin to recover.


Plus, we’re revisiting a conversation we had a few months ago about Fentanyl, a drug normally only used in hospitals that is finding its way onto the streets, with deadly results.