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Encore: Helping Kids After the Loss of a Parent or Sibling to Opioids

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Grieving the loss of a loved one is difficult for anyone, but when children lose a parent or sibling, the loss can be particularly profound. We’re joined today by the Founder and CEO of a local non-profit called Valerie’s Housethat works to help families and children struggling with loss. She says they’ve seen a spike in the number of kids who need help following the overdose death of a parent or sibling, and that right now about a quarter of children who need grief support is struggling with this situation.

We’re also joined today by a father of two young children whose wife overdosed a few years ago. And, a 15 year old who recently lost her sister to an opioid overdose. We’ll hear their stories and explore how Valerie’s House has helped them cope and possibly begin to recover.