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Personal Narrative: Life as a Young Boy in Hungary During the Holocaust



Retired engineer, Cesare Frustaci, was just eight years old when his family was forced out of their home in Budapest, Hungary -- and forced into an extremely crowded, so-called Yellow Star House because his mother was Jewish. Shortly after that happened, Frustaci’s mom sent him out to live on the streets because he had been baptized as a Catholic, which meant he didn’t have to live in the house with her and the rest of the Jews. As the war progressed, Frustaci lost track of his mother, and his father who was living in Naples, Italy at the time. On today’s show, we’re going to hear his story of what happened next, and the hardships he and countless others faced during the war, and the atrocities that were occurring all around them. Mr. Frustaci will be the guest speaker at The Catholic Jewish Dialogue of Collier County’s 80th Annual Kristallnacht Commemoration event on Sunday, November 4 in Naples.