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PBS NewsHour Focuses on Politics in the Sunshine State

Judy Woodruff, host of PBS NewsHour

We’re highlighting several segments from PBS NewsHour, which spent the hour in Florida on Monday, October 29 for special coverage in the lead up to the General Election. First up, Judy Woodruff hosts a special edition of Politics Monday with NPR White House Correspondent, Tamara Keith, and University of South Florida Political Science Professor, Susan MacManus.


Next, from rising sea-levels to toxic algae, Florida voters have a host of water problems on their minds this election season. Governor and Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott saw his poll numbers slide as ‘red tide’ algae bloomed. Scott’s critics blame him for cuts to environmental programs. His supporters say a Scott win may mean more help from the Trump administration. We’ll hear a report from Venice from Lisa Desjardins.


And finally, in the last two governors’ and presidential races, the winners in the state have been determined by razor-thin margins. This year, the results could hinge on the participation, or lack thereof, of three groups: retirees, young voters, and an influx of Puerto Ricans. Yamiche Alcindor reports on turnout efforts.