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“Epic Fires of Fort Myers” by author Tom Hall

Wars, hurricanes, railroads and a variety of other factors played key roles in the historical shaping of Fort Myers, but in his latest book, author and historian Tom Hall explores the pivotal role that fires played in influencing the development of the city. 

Ahead of the official book launch event next week, Hall joins us in studio for a closer look at the stories in his new book, “Epic Fires of Fort Myers: How a Series of Early Fires Influenced the Town’s Development,” and how some of Fort Myers’ early fires became sentinel events in local history.  Hall, and editor Robin Tuthill, are already hard at work piecing together stories for a second volume.  We’ll also speak with Fort Myers Fire Department Chief John Caufield.  Chief Caufield’s commentary in the book provides greater insight into what may have been responsible for some of these historic fires along with modern day safety and fire prevention tips.