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Scientists Discuss Federal Report on Climate Change

NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, data from NOAA GOES
A portion of a GOES-EAST composite satellite image in visible and infrared light, centered on the U.S. East Coast.

The federal government recently released a report claiming climate change is, in fact, real. The report confirms that climate change is an issue that is spiraling, and will likely lead to significant implications that could potentially affect the economy or human safety. Some climate change-caused scenarios are earthquakes, wildfires, floods, increased hurricane intensity, disrupted agriculture yields, or increasingly severe algal blooms and red tide outbreaks.

Dr. Andrea Dutton, associate professor of geology at the University of Florida and expert on sea level rise, joins the show to weigh in on climate change, and what it means for us. Dr. Todd Stack, a gastroenterologist based in Jacksonville, also contributes to the discussion. Dr. Stack is the founder of My Green Doctor, a company that aims to bring environmental sustainability to healthcare. He also serves on the board of directors for the Physicians for Social Responsibility.