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Exploring the Tiny House Lifestyle

Tammy [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]
Tiny House in Portland, Oregon

By now you’re probably familiar with the so-called “tiny house movement.” The basic idea is to drastically downsize your life so it fits into a small -- like 500 square feet or less -- home. Sometimes they’re on wheels and can be moved, sometimes they’re on foundations like a normal, larger house would be. Part of the movement is about simplifying one’s life and lifestyle, but affordability is also a driving factor. There is still no set definition as to what exactly constitutes a tiny house. But, the tiny-house movement in general promotes financial prudence, and a shift in mindset away from consumerism. We’re joined by a panel of guests to explore this movement, and why one would choose to pursue it.

Terry Records is the admin of a local MeetUp group called the Tiny House Movement of Southwest Florida - she herself lives in a tiny house, and she’s a realtor and real estate broker working to help others find their way into the movement. Dr. Serge Thomas is an Associate Professor for Environmental Studies at Florida Gulf Coast University and a tiny house dweller; and Betsy Barbour currently lives in tiny house up in central Florida but commutes back to our part of the state, for now, because she couldn’t find a community here to live in her tiny house. And Barbara Reilly is Founder and Director of Bildsworth International, which does tiny house inspections and certification.