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Singer/Songwriter Robert Bidney Performs Live!

Courtesy of Robert Bidney
Album cover of Robert Bidney's new album "Rush of Hope"

Southwest Florida-based singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist Robert Bidney performs live in-studio ahead of his concert at the All Faiths Unitarian Congregation in Fort Myers, May 4, sponsored by the American Community Music Association.  The performance marks the release of his second album, “Rush of Hope,” which comes out this month. 

Bidney’s songs on the album tackle universally relatable themes with optimism.  “Rush of Hope,” follows the release of Bidney’s first album “It’s All About the Love,” released in 2015.  We’ll explore Bidney’s journey through music, including his influences, his approaches to songwriting and performing and his professional background in the world of advertising and composing commercial jingles.