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Encore: We Explore the World of Plastics with a Packaging Development and Design Engineer

Plastic Bottles in a Fishing Net

The persistent and growing problem of plastics in our environment is becoming increasingly clear. We're revisiting a conversation we had with a local who man who has spent his career in the world of plastics and packaging to get his insights into where we are, and where the industry is heading.

Warren Schirado is a Packaging Development and Design Engineer who has spent his life researching plastics, and the never ending efforts to use less of them, or discover more environmentally friendly ways to make them.

During the segment we also listen back to part of an interview with Dr. Robin D. Rogers we conducted last year in advance of a lecture as part of the FGCU College of Arts and Sciences' Lecture Series, called "Can Renewable Resources Replace Plastics in a Sustainable Society?" You can here that interview in its entirety HERE. And we play several clips from Dr. Terry Root, she's a senior fellow emerita at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University, who we talked to in advance of her talk “Innocent Victims: Impact of Plastic on Wildlife” that happened in April at Congregational United Church in Punta Gorda.

Mike Kiniry is producer of Gulf Coast Live, and co-creator and host of the WGCU podcast Three Song Stories: Biography Through Music. He first joined the WGCU team in the summer of 2003 as an intern while studying Communication at Florida Gulf Coast University. 
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