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It's Not Too Late to File Insurance Claims for Damage Caused by Hurricane Irma

U.S. Navy photo by Jim Brooks [Public domain]
Hurricane Winds Batter Palm Trees

As we approach the two year anniversary of Hurricane Irma, we thought we would explore the rights that homeowners have when it comes to filing insurance claims for hurricane damage.

According to the Florida Law Statute 627.70132 Notice of Windstorm or Hurricane Claim you have three years after a hurricane first makes landfall to file a claim, a supplemental claim, or a reopened claim. This means that as of this September 10, 2019 policyholders will have one more year to report their Hurricane Irma claim, or file a supplemental or reopened claim.

We discuss what this might mean for people whose roofs might have sustained damaged from Irma that was not immediately apparent with Kevin Smith, he’s a manager with CMR Construction and Roofing.