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Family Pictures USA Brings Southwest Florida Stories to PBS

Tara Calligan / WGCU
Thomas Allen Harris and Don Perry

Back in June of last year we sat down with the co-creators of a new TV show called Family Pictures USA. They were in town scouting for locations, and ideas, for an episode set right here in Southwest Florida. Then, later that year they hosted two photo sharing events: one in Immokalee in Collier County, and the other in Harlem Heights in Lee County. During those events people from all walks of life brought in their photo albums and shared stories about their families, and their histories.

The production team then followed up with some of them for what they called ‘deep dives’ – and now, after months of editing, the show is set to air nationally on PBS as a three-part series that debuts tonight at 9:00 with a show that focuses on North Carolina. Then tomorrow night, there will be back-to-back episodes, the first of which features Detroit,that’s at 8:00, and then the second at 9:00 features our very own Southwest Florida stories.


We're joined by Thomas Allen Harris, he is the host, director, and executive producer; and Don Perry, who is the show’s producer, writer, and executive producer.