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FGCU Grad Student Launches #DON'TgLITTER Campaign

The prevalence of plastics throughout our environment should come as no surprise to anyone by now. Researchers continue to find it in remote places on our planet, including in the deepest parts of the oceans, and in Arctic snow. Now, there’s a new campaign at Florida Gulf Coast University – kicked off by a student – that’s trying to get students to stop throwing glitter into the air in their graduation photo shoots, a practice that’s become increasingly common in recent years.

We’re joined by the student behind the #DON’TgLITTER campaign, Fabiana Solano, and Chad Evers, he's the FGCU instructor she’s been digging around on campus with to find out just how pervasive glitter, which is made of plastic, has become at the environmentally-minded university. Solano is Residential Conduct Committee Chair, and a campus naturalist. Evers is an Instructor in the Department of Ecology & Environmental Studies.